Developers Turning To Feng Shui

seattle skyline with mt rainierReprinted, in part, from this is the first time I
have heard the term environology, but I like it. It is exactly what we do as Feng Shui consultants-study land and built environments to create beneficial habitats.
KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 14 (Bernama) — An increasing number of property developers are turning to environology or “feng shui” or geomancy as part of their planning to build better homes and offices and produce a win-win situation for them and buyers, says renowned Malaysian environology expert, Prof Master David Koh.

“It is of paramount importance for buyers to be able to live in harmony and for them to continue to prosper. As such, some property developers have begun to consult environology masters or consultants before they even start building,” he told Bernama in an interview today.

Koh, the founder and honorary life president of the Malaysian Institute of Geomancy Sciences (MINGS), takes the stance of “there is no bad land, there is only bad design” and hence believes that much can be achieved if environology is taken into consideration from as early as the planning stage of a building project.

Koh, who was recently appointed by Tsinghua University, one of the foremost universities in China, as a lecturer on environology for architecture, interior design, art and design, said the idea was to observe specific ways to look at the energy flow and tapping it to advantage.

“For example, the design of the road, the drainage, the location of the building all have an effect on the wellness of the buyer. When taking environology into consideration for architectural design and construction, emphasis is placed on space, building arrangements and their harmony with humans,” he explained.

Given these factors, Koh said more Malaysian property developers were now considering them when planning new projects on prime land as the location alone did not guarantee success.

He said location may play a big part in attracting initial buying interest in a development but its subsequent success depended on other attractive and beneficial factors as well.
So when you are planning for development, relocation, or renovation don’t forget to include Feng Shui in your project. It makes a positive difference in the outcome. What are your plans?


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