What People Say

If you want to provide the right environment for your home or office, I strongly recommend Diane. She will help turn your surroundings into a comfortable refuge, minimizing stress and maximizing productivity.”…R.W.-The Advisors Network

Any individual or business who decides on using Diane Kern as their Feng Shui Consultant will be miles ahead of the competition! Diane is a quick thinker, great listener, very organized and has a great personality. As a member of the Master Builders Association, Diane was instrumental is educating and explaining the background and reason for Feng Shui to its 500+ members. She is a wonderful professional and great person!”…H.H. Your HR Solution Guy

Diane is one of the most knowledgeable professional in the areas of Feng Shui that I have come across. She has the ability to explain the hows and whys of Feng Shui in terms that people understand and can apply. She also can put the knowledge to work for your business that will greatly impact your bottom line profitability. I highly recommend Diane!” …J. C. E. –Ideal Companies, LLC

Diane offers a unique and helpful perspective on adding value to both the business and the home. Diane’s strong commitment to apply her expertise with Feng Shui into each renovation or remodel project is well known in the community. Diane’s high ethics and trustworthiness keeps are on the top of the list as someone to call when it is time to remodel, reconstruct or open a new business.” …M.H.-Empowering Entrepreneurs

Diane is an expert in her field and provides a wealth of information to bring  the balance and support that are effectively helping me achieve my goals.”…  K.F-Power Talk Live

Thank you Diane Kern for your Feng Shui expertise and how it transformed how I live with and live in my living space.”

When you first came to assess the “spacious” open plan apartment I have lived in for six years now, we knew we were working with some limitations. And I admit it, I had once again accumulated many books that needed shelves for homes. My “artistic clutter” was not supporting my bigger vision and you had the nicest way of telling me the truth. You suggested I fiercely declutter and purge. And wanting to make the most of your suggestions, I rearranged the furniture in my own bedroom and my daughter’s and fiercely decluttered in stages as best I could and I continue to do so, as you suggested.  So what happened?

My daughter enjoys her room and chooses to spend more creative time in it either happily by herself or with friends. It is where they like to do homework and she reads voraciously and enjoys keeping it tidy ~ for which I am so thankful. What parent likes to harp on “clean up your room, please.”

As for my own modified bedroom layout: the lower back pain in my right hip dissipated within a week of moving the bed, and I sleep and dream better. And I notice that I enjoy resting more when I am in resting mode, if that makes sense.

Small shifts and changes made per your very personalized suggestions have caused some notable positive ripples in my world. I am more clear on how I want to spend my professional  time. I am clear on who is a more ideal client and best of all, we find each other. My chosen livelihood sustains me and my client base grows. It’s as if I work better in my environment and it supports me energetically.

Though the desk I work at rarely stays free and clear daily, as I would like it to, I REALLY am much better about clearing it, which seems to create space for creative and professional opportunities that then show up.”… D.D. Writing and Communication Coach

Diane is creative, and a wonderful teacher/facilitator. She brings her knowledge and creativity to every thing she does, whether it is for helping to heal you and your space through the fine art of Feng Shui, through music or through SoulCollage. Her personality shines the minute you meet her. “… S.S-M. Strauberry Studios


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