Year of the Dragon

golden dragon

We are coming up fast on the end of 2011 and the start of the New Year. And we can celebrate twice, but more on that later. Each year is ruled by an animal in the Chinese zodiac and 2012 is the Year of the Dragon. Each animal in the zodiac has its own special characteristics. It belongs to an element, a personality, direction, a time of year and a time of day.

Dragon is in charge

The dragon is ruled by wood and, is found in the spring portion of the year and gets along well with the monkey and rat. These are the people a dragon person feels the most affinity for and they will support him well. The hours of the day are also divided up and assigned to the 12 animals of the zodiac. We think of the day as 24 hours but the Chinese divide it into twelve-two hour periods. Dragon rules the hours from 7 AM to 9 AM. Just as in Western astrology we consider not only our sun sign but also our rising sign. In Chinese astrology you can consider the animal of your birth hour as an influence on your character. The dragon is at home in the East.

Dragon is a power animal

The dragon is one of the power animals and considered to be strong and self assured. They can be fiery, passionate and generous. On the other hand they can be arrogant, demanding over bearing and impetuous. Each animal has both positive and negative characteristics.

Are you a Dragon?

dragonMaybe or maybe not. Because the Chinese year is ruled by the lunisolar calendar and not the calendar that we use in the west, the New Year does not start on January first. Instead it usually starts around the fourth or fifth of February, changing slightly each year. Each year is represented by one of the animals of the Chinese zodiac. They are rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig. So when you look at the placements in a Chinese restaurant to find out your animal sign remember when the year begins. If you were born before the fourth or fifth on February you must take the animal of the previous year. If you were born on the day of the New Year you must know the hour of your birth to determine which animal is yours. Most people don’t know this but you do now.

Who else is a Dragon

Some famous dragon people are Al Pacino, Russell Crowe, Pearl Buck and Nicholas Cage.

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