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DIY Feng Shui Can be Dangerous

Woman Injured After Practicing Faulty Feng Shui Posted by P. Beckert this article points out the dangers of do-it-yourself feng shui. You wouldn’t do your own surgery so why would you try to heal your house or business without the proper knowledge … Continue reading

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Short Stop Feng Shui-Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter Baseball is our national pastime so I thought I would expand on last week’s article about Feng Shui of the Sport Stars. Here is a quick look at Derek Jeter’s new home in the Davis Islands area of Tampa.  … Continue reading

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Feng Shui Element Cycles

The Cycle of Elements – A Family Dynamic Let me describe the five elements that we work with in feng shui to correct an out of balance situation –wood, fire, earth, metal and water.  Don’t forget that the elements are more than their … Continue reading

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Garden Feng Shui

What constitutes a feng shui garden? What color of plants should I use? Are some plants better to use than others? What about shapes? Getting Started This year I am late planting my garden due to cold and rainy weather. … Continue reading

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