Short Stop Feng Shui-Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter

Baseball is our national pastime so I thought I would expand on last week’s article about Feng Shui of the Sport Stars. Here is a quick look at Derek Jeter’s new home in the Davis Islands area of Tampa.  According to Tampa Bay Online, Mr. Jeter’s new home cost him $7.7 million. That hefty price gives him 30,000 square feet, 7 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms and two three-car garages. It is the largest home in the county.

derek jeter's home aerial view tampa bay online


Once again, being a celebrity doesn’t protect you from Feng Shui mistakes. The first mistake is having a road come directly to your front door. Situating your house on a T-junction is a big no-no for residential properties. (Businesses can under the correct circumstances take advantage of this) Roads carry energy in the direction of the traffic and in the direction of the land slope. This energy is very direct and ends up acting as a sha or negative energy. The energy is too strong and forceful for a home. The saving grace here is that there is a large courtyard to help slow down the flow somewhat. But it is definately not something you want to do in your home.

jeter home tampa bay online

Irregular Shapes

Another issue is the shape of the building. It is irregular-very thin in the middle and much bigger on the sides. It looks similar to an “H”. Imagine a circle divided into 8 pieces. Now place that circle over the middle of the house. Observe how many of the 8 pieces have almost no house in them.  Each part of the circle represents a person and relationship in the house. It also relates to certain body parts and illnesses.  When there are missing or truncated parts there will be problems depending on what that missing piece represents. A square or slightly rectangular shaped building helps avoid these problems.

front of derek jeter home N Y Times

See Through Buildings

The last issue is seeing directly from the front to the back of a house. In this photo you can see straight in the front door through to the back.  When you have this situation the energy that comes in through the front goes directly out the back and you have no opportunity to take advantage of it. This is especially pronounced in a hot area of the country where you have large openings to take advantage of natural cooling and ocean breezes. Energy is like food for you and your building. It is also money. So in order to get nutrition from the food and use of the money, we want it to collect and circulate inside our building.

If you want to know more about balancing the shape of your building, how to take advantage of incoming roads and water or remedy other Feng Shui issues in your property, be it business or residential, please contact me for a consultation.

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