Feng Shui of the Sport Stars

Celebrities are just people. They have the same problems we do even if it is on a different scale. So we can learn some lessons from the Feng Shui of the stars.

Tennis star Anna Kournikova is selling her 6, 630 sq. ft Miami Beach home on .44 acres for $9.4 million. The Mediterranean style home on Sunset Island has water frontage on the bay and the canal. With seven bedrooms there is plenty of room for all your friends to visit should you decide to make a purchase. It also sports a coral rock pool deck, private sauna,and two-story guest house. No tennis court on site however.  (photos from FloridaMoves.com) I have no idea why she is selling, but that is not the topic of this post.

While looking at the photos on the above website I noticed several issues of Feng Shui importance. You can find these same issues in many homes that are priced much lower.

anna kournikova home with ivy walls

The brick walls are covered with ivy. (Click to read more about ivy and clinging vines). This looks very homey and some might say harkens back to the old English castles so it is not surprising that Ms. Kournikova might feature this clinging plant for her castle as well. Ivy can damage the wall that it clings to. Although I image that money for maintenance is not a problem in this case. But a vine or clinging plant often indicates that there are people who rely heavily on the owner.  The wealthy and celebrated usually have staff, agents and a retinue that rely on them so I was not surprised to see the ivy. People who rely on you and in the process use up your energy and money can be family members such as children who refuse to leave home at the proper time, an ill family member you have to take care of, or it could be outsiders-someone at work such as employees, or even neighbors who just seem to need your help all the time.

anna kournikova ceiling beams

Next item to consider is the ceiling of this room. The exposed beams are what I am talking about. It would be difficult to place your furniture in this room without it being directly under a beam. An overhead beam creates a downward pressure onto the person sitting or sleeping below it. This can result in headaches or illness in the part of the body that is under the beam. Although many people like the look it is not recommended to have exposed beams. There is another popular design element in this photo and that is the arched doorways. A door concentrates the energy flow and makes it faster. The curved aspect of an arch can cause a more disturbing, circular flow that can have a more negative affect than a squared off door.

kournikova interior courtyard

An interior courtyard in a home, although attractive creates a similar problem to the arched doorway. The open space acts as a chimney creating an energy vortex. This vortex is a vibration that disrupts the surrounding areas of the building causing problems for the people in the rooms adjacent to the courtyard.

One of the benefits of celebrity is living where ever you want. Privacy and safety are always of concern so gated communities are popular. The property is located on an island with limited access. Being surrounded by water it receives little earth energy. The lot is shaped like a triangle, with the smallest point being the entrance so it is difficult for energy to get in. However the house has a large outside ming tang to hold what energy arrives there. (see first photo)


So remember, just because you are a celebrity it doesn’t mean you have perfect Feng Shui. We can all improve our Feng Shui for personal and business success. If you would like to know how, please contact me.

all rights reserved © Diane Kern 2011


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Diane is a professional Feng Shui Consultant and SoulCollage Facilitator.
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