Get Your Sexy On-Feng Shui for Romance

Relationship Rx

heartSo your love life is not going as planned. You seem to fall into the same patterns over and over again. You would really like to have a romantic relationship that is equal and long-lasting. Can Feng Shui help you to achieve this goal?

First stop and think about your past relationships. Write down what you see as the patterns and problems you have experienced. Now look around your home. Is there anything you find that mirrors or represents those very problems?

Pillow Talk

Let’s talk primarily about the bedroom although other rooms in your house may exhibit similar issues.

Is your bedroom set up for romance? Does it look ready for two people instead of showing signs of a single person? If you only have one pillow on your bed where does your love lay their head?

Is your bed pushed up against a wall? This is like a sign that only one person sleeps here. Move your bed so that it is easy for both people to have access.

Size Matters

bedside tableThat leads to the night stands. If you have one then you should have two. Each night stand should be approximately the same size. The same holds for the lamps on those stands. Pairs of items represent the two of you. If these items are widely differing sizes this represent an imbalance in the relationship. The same holds for decorative items-pairs of equal size.

The bedroom is for both rest and romance. Colors should be neutral on large surfaces, the walls, curtains and bedding. Use the accessories to add color. Also consider textures and fabric choices suitable to you and your prospective mate.

Writing on the Wall

Wall ornamentation should not include mirrors. You don’t want to be startled by a shadow in the mirror. That would ruin your sleep.   Wedding and family photos are also not suggested. Instead use artwork of romantic, beautiful and restful landscapes.

Make sure your room has age appropriate decorations. Ladies that means no stuffed animals and dolls. Gentlemen take down the swimsuit posters and sports paraphernalia. 


televisionAvoid having a TV in the bedroom. That goes double for a computer or work desk. No exercise equipment either. They are not conducive to romance or rest.

Clean your closet and declutter your room. There needs to be space  for another person here. The bedroom needs to be restful. Keep your closets organized and not a storage dump. Have room for your partner’s belongings.

loving coupleThe bedroom should not be too light and bright as that not only affects your sleep but the romance of the room. Plants and flowers are not good for the bedroom as their qi is too yang. Choosing the correct bed facing direction for you and your partner can also enhance your relationship, but that is a matter to discuss with your feng shui consultant. Present a serene and romantic picture in your bedroom for better love prospects.

all rights reserved ©Diane Kern 2011


About fengshuisuccess

Diane is a professional Feng Shui Consultant and SoulCollage Facilitator.
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5 Responses to Get Your Sexy On-Feng Shui for Romance

  1. Sulekha says:

    Great tips and I can see that I need to make a few changes in my rooms, thanks for sharing.

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