Good Feng Shui, Still Have Problems

Improve Your Life

up and down buttonsFeng Shui is all about improving our lives, creating wealth, improving health, having better relationships and in general just living a happier life.  Many of you have probably heard of  The Secret, a book and movie that tell how you how you can improve your life through correct thinking. Get yourself into a new mindset of positive thinking, thinking that the universe is at your service. All you have to do is expect it and your dreams come true. Well of course it is not quite that easy and that is not the whole story, or we would all be rich and famous. But the lessons are valuable none the less. I bring this up because you can have the best feng shui possible in your home and business but if you constantly are thinking that your life is miserable, that you are poor or that you never have good luck for instance, then you will not benefit from your good feng shui.

Make a Life Changing Movie

You may want to check out The Secret but there are other aids to improve your positive thinking abilities. One that I have found very interesting is Mind Movies. These are mini slide shows that you create with your very own positive affirmations and dreams. You then add photos and music and end up with a nifty video that you can watch everyday to remind you of what you are working towards. You can also share them with friends and the world by posting them on You Tube, your web site or other social networking sites.

Illustrate Your  Affirmations

So what is it that you want to manifest in your life, a new career, travel around the world, a new car, romance, financial freedom? Start by writing simple, straightforward statements that state you already have what you dream of. So don’t say, I want a new job. Instead say, I enjoy my job everyday. Of course you will want to add what kind of job that is. When you finish writing your affirmations start looking for photos that illustrate those thoughts. Use your own photos or use copyright free photos that can be found on the web. Then find some appropriate music. There is also copyright free music available on the web. Then put it all together for your own personal movie. Practice makes perfect so watch it everyday. As you practice you become these statements. Soon your positive outlook will become second nature.

Learn to “BE”

There are of course many programs available for doing similar slide shows, and if you search the web I’m sure you will find others. You probably have a movie maker on your computer already. Take a look and start thinking positively so that you can take advantage of that good feng shui you have created for yourself. 

What do you do daily to “BE” positive and create success?

Is your Feng Shui contributing to your success or hampering it? Contact me for assistance in balancing your environment using time-tested, traditional Feng Shui techniques.

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Good Idea

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Diane is a professional Feng Shui Consultant and SoulCollage Facilitator.
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