One Day You’re In the Next Day You’re Out

The Monster in the Closet


So now you have the paper clutter monster conquered it is time to move on to your closets. Closets and drawers become the dumping ground for things we don’t want to deal with. Just stuff it in the closet and we’ll get to it later.

closet clutter

Deal or No Deal

At least once a year you should go through your clothes  and evaluate. Does this still fit me? Is it still stylish? Is it in good repair? Do I even like this article of clothing anymore? Do I have any use for it?

This clean-up goes beyond the change of seasons transfer. Really think about it.  Ask yourself those questions. Get ready to pull the no’s and keep the yes’s. Put all things that need repair in one place. (don’t forget to do the repairs or cleaning when you are finished) Things beyond repair in the trash. Clothes that no longer fit or suit you can be donated to charity.

Now organize the remaining clothes in your closet. Arrange them by function and color. Treat yourself to some quality hangers so they are all the same. This will make it much easier and faster to dress in the morning. You will know exactly what you have and since they are neatly arranged and not scrunched in together they will also be ready to wear and not wrinkled.

feng shui storage


Time to tackle those storage closets. The same theory applies. Is this useful? Does it work? Do I need it? Is it in the right place?

If you are lucky enough to have plenty of storage space this becomes much easier. You can move items to where they are most often used. Put small items in storage containers-see through containers work great. But make sure the container is labeled with the contents. Put your craft supplies together. Games are stored near where they are used. Put cleaning supplies in carrier totes so you can take them where they are needed. Gardening tools go in the garage or storage shed with the out of season tools.

Avoid the Bad Start

I know this all sounds so obvious but we seldom do it. Put your keys in the same place everytime you come home. That way you always know where they are. The start of many a day has been ruined by misplaced keys. Same goes for eyeglasses or if you can, have several pairs so you can keep them where they are most often used.

Why We Do It

Cleaning and organizing your storage brings order to your house and to your mind. When you aren’t searching through piles of stuff and can always find what you need your mind has more time for logical and creative thinking. We all can appreciate clearer thinking. That means better decision making. Those piles of stuff also attract dirt. It is easier to say I’ll get to moving that pile and cleaning later and just let it collect dust.  Overloaded closets and storage areas create stagnation of the energy flow or qi. This can lead to weight gain or trouble losing weight.

So think about it and take a phrase from Project Runway. You be the judge and decide what’s in and what’s out.

thinker statue

Clearing your paper clutter

Drowning in Clutter

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Diane is a professional Feng Shui Consultant and SoulCollage Facilitator.
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4 Responses to One Day You’re In the Next Day You’re Out

  1. Lisa says:

    Ha ha I just did my yearly clean out what I do every year sometimes twice a year is have a garage sale then donate the rest …I can’t stand clutter …Great post !!

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