Heart of Family Relations

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So, you want your family to get along. You want them to work together as a team. For once you it would be nice if everyone was on the same page. Is there any advice that Feng Shui can offer on this topic? Well, of course the answer is yes.

Is there some magical thing we can do to make it happen? Well, no. But Feng Shui can help to balance your family life, improve relationships between family members and create an atmosphere of positive communication. While I would never pretend that everything will be roses and honey at all times here is just one of the Feng Shui considerations that will make life easier and happier.

family diningConsider the family dinner table. Yours is probably one of many in this country that seldom sees the whole family sit down for a meal at the same time. If members of your family eat on the run, at different times, in front of the tv or computer, or even in their own rooms, then the quality of relationships between family members will suffer. 

When people spend time together they grow closer in their relationship.family cooking They start to think and feel on the same wave length or vibration frequency. It is easier for them to understand each other. Physical proximity enhances this energy quality, and if you are on the same wave length there will be a more harmonious interaction between people.

Sharing the activities of the day, discussing current events, talking about future plans together all begin to create this energy harmony. But this is not the only way to improve relationships.

Obviously when we sit at table we are also there to eat. In eating the samefamily dinner food we share a common energy from that food. That food energy affects our bodies, minds and the way we communicate. The greater the commonality of energy, the greater the harmony we create.

Of course we want to eat healthy foods for healthy bodies. But the manner in which the food is prepared is also important. I am not speaking of fried versus roasted, or raw versus boiled. I am speaking of the mental state of the cook. It is important that the kitchen is a happy place while preparing a meal. It is advantageous for the cook to think of the beneficial qualities of the food as they prepare the dinner. Think of how it is going to nourish the body and soul of the family while you do your preparations. This positive energy radiates into the food and is conveyed to your family.

family eating togetherStrive to create a sacred family dinner (or lunch or breakfast) time at least several times a week. It doesn’t have to be fancy. It may be difficult at first to make this your normal routine, but keep at it. Make it a priority. You will find greater family harmony as the table becomes the heart of family relations.

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