Aniston’s House A Broken Butterfly

Beverly Hills signJennifer Aniston, America’s favorite single woman, has her Beverly Hills, hillside home on the market. The asking price  is 42 million dollars. She spent over two years remodeling the property into a warm hug with a Zen feeling, koi stream included.

I haven’t had the privilege of visiting this 9,000 square foot mansion in person but we can all see the Google aerial view of the house on the hill. What might the shape of the house tell us about her life.

Feng Shui prefers a regular shape for buildings such as a square or rectangle. Other shapes create what we call missing corners. When consultants evaluate the shape of a house any area that is missing relates to a person, family member, type of illness and any other number of things. These missing corners can create problems for the residents.

 jennifer aniston's house

The house is built on the edge of a hill as well as being irregular in shape. No doubt this is a house with a view. I’ve written before about the problems of building your house on the edge of a cliff or on a hill.

In this case the thing that caught my attention immediately was the shape. If you look at the large body of the house and then up towards the top right side there is a wing protruding covered by solar panels. This really looks like a wing. And the top center of the house looks like a head. The wing on the left side is missing giving the house the look of a broken butterfly. A butterfly with a broken/missing wing can’t fly. Nourishing relationships would be difficult also. The house is too big for her energy to fill.

It will be interesting to see what happens to Ms. Aniston’s personal and professional life when she sells this house and moves to a smaller place in New York  where she is apparently looking to relocate.

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2 Responses to Aniston’s House A Broken Butterfly

  1. Fascinating correlations you illuminate here Diane. My question is, who can live in such a house as this, given the abundance of missing corners? Are their things that can be done to fill-in or neutrailze?

    • Well you can do major remodelling to make things square or rectangular. You use landscaping to help but it is not as strong. And in some cases you might be able to use light. But it is best to avoid a building with missing corners.

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