As the World Turns

Recently I was attending a concert in a familiar hall. The seating was general admission so people could sit where ever they chose to sit. Eventually the ushers had to start directing people to the entrance on the right side of the hall. So many people had chosen to go to the left entrance that seats were now limited on that side. I had experienced this  phenomenon in this same hall before.

Disneyland Splash MountainHere is a hint for you people who enjoy going to Disneyland or other places with multiple lines to the same event. Choose the line on the left. You are going to get to Splash Mountain faster than the people in the right lane. Usually when people line up for entrance to an event and there is a choice of going to the right or to the left, most people will choose to turn to the right. This makes the left line faster because it has fewer people in it. Don’t ask me why this is true but there have been studies done and the left line wins out as fastest the majority of the time.

So what does this have to do with the concert, or with feng shui for that matter? If you are a regular reader of this blog you already know that energy flow will follow the direction of least resistance. There were no lines to wait in, in this case so people should have turned to the right. So why did so many people choose to go to the left instead of the usual choice of to the right? 

audience energy flowLet me describe the hall for you. From the ticket office you must go upstairs to the hall. The stairs are on the right, back side of the upper lobby. As people climb the stairs they bring energy with them. When you arrive at the top of the stairs the first entrance you see is on the left side of the hall. So there is a direct diagonal path from the stairs to the left hall entrance. This is the path of least resistance. So against the regular rule of turning to the right, the audience continued to move in the same direction as the energy flow which in this case was to the left.

So what do you think of that? Do you naturally turn towards the right hand lane? If you are left-handed does it change the way you turn?

While energy tends to move in a straight line apparently people can not. Watch this.

A Mystery: Why Can’t We Walk Straight? from NPR on Vimeo.


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Diane is a professional Feng Shui Consultant and SoulCollage Facilitator.
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2 Responses to As the World Turns

  1. Oh this is cool info, Diane! Does it apply to checkout lines? It never fails, I always choose the slooooooowest checkout line. Thanks for the great info as always! Cheers ~Norma

  2. shanegenziuk says:

    Great advice on the lines to wait at, will give that a try. Also a very interesting video attached. Do you have any thoughts on what it is that moves us in circles?

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