Steak-Well Done

This is the tale of two steak houses just a block apart. One is well done and the other rarely busy. What’s the difference? How does location affect restaurant feng shui? Can the restaurant receive energy?

Both restaurants are on the same busy street. Both of them are part of a strip mall. Both face the same direction.

parking lot sloped away from door

steep driveway fast moving energyNumber 1 is set far back from the main street. The parking lot slopes away from the steak house entrance taking the energy away. The side entry drive is a more direct route to the restaurant. However, it is extremely steep. The energy flows too fast past the entrance to benefit Number 1. Instead it benefits the market next door. The strip mall itself is tired looking and not very busy.

lot slopes toward door

downward slope to doorNumber 2 is sited much closer to the main street. Although you can only access it from one side of the divided street, the energy flows in from the correct side. You can also access this steak house from the side through the parking lot of another shop. The parking lot slopes towards the door both from the street and the neighboring store on the side. In addition this restaurant has a raised curb around the parking lot to help retain the energy. This allows the energy to be received by the door. The mall is kept in good condition and is attractive. It is often busy. (photo taken when restaurant was closed)

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Diane is a professional Feng Shui Consultant and SoulCollage Facilitator.
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2 Responses to Steak-Well Done

  1. Michael says:

    Very interesting post. You hit on so many things that I had never thought about before. I have a friend who just closed his restaurant, I would love to know if he had any “negative” conditions at his place?

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge!


    • Thanks for your comment Michael. There are so many reasons for a business to close. If you can start with a location that benefits the owner and business you have a much better opportunity to succeed. Why not set yourself up for success from the start. I hope your friend has a better experience with his next business.

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