House of Windows 2000

Count ’em. How many windows do you suppose this house has? It is purported to have 2000 windows. Care to guess where the owner works? I really don’t know if this house has 2000 windows or not, but from the water side it is well on its way making that total.

What significance do windows have in Feng Shui? If we think of the building as we would our body, then the windows become our eyes. With our eyes we see the world, we have a vision of the present and future. With that in mind the maintenance of our windows becomes more important.

If windows are cracked or broken we have an incomplete view. Our vision is disrupted and distorted. If windows are dirty and covered with grime we do not have a clear vision. We may only have partial vision and that vision is also distorted. If windows are blocked by curtains or furniture or other buildings we may have no vision at all of what is outside. (There are occasions when we use this blocking technique to eliminate a sha.)

When our visual sight is limited then our vision is also limited. We may not be able to have a clear and complete vision of our future.

So does 2000 windows give you a better view of the future? That depends.

all rights reserved©Diane Kern 2011


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Diane is a professional Feng Shui Consultant and SoulCollage Facilitator.
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5 Responses to House of Windows 2000

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  2. Thanks for the incentive to clean my windows this spring!!

  3. Catherine says:

    I think 2,000 windows can offer 2,000 perspectives – if I acknowledge this then I may have an expanded view of everything.

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