Feng Shui Analysis of the current BP Head Office in London’s West End.

In light of the recent oil spill I present a guest post from my esteemed colleague, Dr.Michael Oon

BP moved to this Head Office building in the summer of 2002. A number of events have happened since the move but this is a Feng Shui Analysis of the property.

BP Head Office in St James’s Square in London’s West End. It is a modern office building which was purchased from Ericsson mobile telecommunications.
It is at the corner of St James’s Square and Charles II Street.

Feng Shui Analysis:

The energy comes into St James’s Square through 2 roads
– Duke of York Street (north side of the square)
– Charles II Street (east side of the square).

Most of the energy flows through Duke of York Street to the Square. In the Square. the energy flows southwards through the central park area and leaves at the junction of St James Square and Pall Mall.


The energy flow by-passes the entrance of the BP Head Office. There is hardly any energy getting to the main entrance to the building. Also, there are no entrances to the building from the side street – Charles II Street.

This building is not good. Either the business is not as good as previously or the repeated occurrence of major problems.

Dr Michael Oon

The original post can be found here

Dr. Oon’s website




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Diane is a professional Feng Shui Consultant and SoulCollage Facilitator.
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6 Responses to Feng Shui Analysis of the current BP Head Office in London’s West End.

  1. How interesting! I know little about Feng Shui but I shall read more on your blog and learn more about it.
    Louise Edington

  2. I don’t know anything about feng shui, but I have dabbled in tai chi and qigong for a number of years. I’m not an expert by any means, but I know what it feels like to have energy flowing through your body, and I believe in the qi force. It makes sense to me that buildings can have “good” energy flows to them. I’ll be reading more of your blog to learn more about this.

  3. Laine D says:


    Very interesting! Just wondered did BP ask Dr Oon to do the survey? or was this an incidental study?

    What remedial action could BP take to fix this situation – I’m sure the could do with all of the help they can get!

    Looking forward to learning more

    • Hi Laine

      Good question. My group has a strict confidentiality agreement with their clients. So I would not, nor would Dr. Oon, disclose anything about anyone/company we were working with. Anything I post in this blog is an incidental study, as you would say.

      I should also add that every case is different, the solution depends on the particulars. I can only speak in general terms here, and I only speak about a portion of what I would look at in an actual audit. But I do hope that my posts offer something interesting and cause people to be more observant about their surroundings and how they affect us.

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