It’s an Open and Shut Case

Mouth of Qi

The entrance to your building  is of utmost importance. It is called the mouth of qi for a very good reason. That being, it is where the qi, or energy enters the building. As you have seen in my previous posts energy is the “food” that keeps a business and building alive.

Open Wide

When the energy can not flow into the building the business can have trouble. Feng Shui likes an open entry way. The area in front of the door is called ming tang and should also be open and clear. This allows the “food” to be delivered to the occupants.

Rite Aid

The common design of most Rite Aid stores is a diagonal corner entrance. Directly in front of the door is a gigantic pillar. Energy flows towards the building, if it is sited correctly, and encounters this pillar before reaching the door. The stream of energy is split and goes out sideways away from the door. This limits the amount of “food” that is available to the store.

Here is a side view so you can see that there really are doors on the corner.

Recently I have started to see their stores with a different design. Now, in some stores the entrance is unobstructed by the offending pillar.


Another drug store chain has taken a different stance. Walgreens also has a diagonal corner entrance. But in this case the pillars are to the side. This is a much more Feng Shui friendly design.

Is anyone hungry?

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Diane is a professional Feng Shui Consultant and SoulCollage Facilitator.
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18 Responses to It’s an Open and Shut Case

  1. Kimberly says:

    This is an interesting post. I’m going to go home to see what stands in front of my studio door.

  2. From now on you will be looking at everyone’s front door. 🙂

  3. KEN says:

    That’s why I shop at Walgreen’s! I’ve never been comfortable in the Rite Aids. Really.

  4. KEN says:

    And I don’t like the diagonal aisles in the Rite Aids either. One of the newer CVS stores near me also has a corner entrance, but inside they have a main aisle that runs from the entrance all the way back to the Pharmacy. I like it!

    I wonder what Feng Shui has to say about that?

    • Sometimes those diagonal aisles are there to force you to travel as much of the store as possible. But they can also stop the energy from flowing to all parts of the store. And they stop you from flowing as well.

      With the CVS aisle running direct to the pharmacy they are going to get more energy.

      Thanks for stopping by, please come again.

  5. KEN says:

    Forgot to mention that the main aisle in the CVS runs diagonally across the store from the front left to the right rear. Hmmm.

  6. Diane – I am never disappointed when I read your blog–I always learn something new! It is interesting to think about why a person would prefer one store over the other–maybe it feels more welcoming to enter a store like Wallgreens versus one you have to navigate to one side or the other of the pillar to enter, like Rite Aid. Very interesting stuff! Cheers ~Norma

  7. It’s amazing how much difference the placement of the pillars makes. I’m not sure how many people would put their finger on it but the Walgeen’s design definitely looks more inviting to me!


  8. Barbara says:

    I agree about Rite Aid. I find the diagonal aisles disorienting because I lose my sense of direction from outside the building. Also, the aisles are so tall, I can’t see the whole store which I also use to orient myself. I feel as if I am in a maze.

    Though I don’t shop at drug stores often, I prefer Bartells. I can see over the aisles and so I can find what I need quickly.

  9. So interesting! You have shown me the exact reason that I felt our last house was toxic. A few months ago, we moved into a home that draws us in through the front door. Once we’re in, it keeps drawing us into the heart of the home.

    A question for you: The back door is aligned with the front door, so when a person first walks into the house, they see the backyard and woods on our land. Is this a contributing factor to the positive energy we keep feeling here?

    • I am glad you found a home that feels good to you. When the front and back doors are aligned this can become a direct path for the qi to follow. It comes in the front door and goes directly out the back never having a chance to circulate. This makes it difficult to keep it in the house.

      I don’t mean to alarm you. There are things you can do to fix this while still maintaning that view you find appealing.

  10. This is a great post! I look forward to following your blog (and rearranging my furniture)!

  11. This is an interesting post. I have never really thought about entrances to buildings. I will definitely be thinking about that now!

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