Energy Helps the Coffee Flow

Energy flows like water. It takes the path of least resistance. Where the path is narrow or steep it runs fast. Where the path is wide or flat it runs slowly. When the path changes, the flow also changes. Think of a river. Where the earth is soft it erodes away and creates a bend in the river slowing the flow. When the elevation changes it creates rapids.

Success or Failure

Capturing the correct flow of energy is vital to the success of your business. Where you place your building on the street and the direction the door faces can mean success or failure. Have you ever noticed that businesses in a certain location never seem to succeed no matter how good they are? For example the restaurant can have great food and good service but only lasts a short while. Or the book store has a desirable selection on hand and the best prices but it soon goes out of business. On the other hand, some businesses seem to get along even if they aren’t exceptional.

One Location

Let’s take a look at one location and see how the flow of energy is helping business. Starbucks is a big company. According to their website they have over 16,000 retail locations all over the world. Of course some are more successful than others. What can we learn from this particular store?

A Wide Corner

In this case the store is located on a corner across the street from a park that is wide open. The intersection is wider here than the surrounding streets. The grade of the road is steep and there is  considerable fast-moving traffic. The door is located in one corner of the building but is recessed, as if a chunk of the corner has been cut out.


The energy moves very quickly down the steep grade of the street following the flow of heavy traffic (indicated by the long red arrow). As the energy encounters a space that is more open (park) and wider (intersection) it flows outward to fill the space. (indicated by the short red arrows) This reduces the speed of the flow. What was too fast to catch before, now becomes available.


As it flows outward it is captured by the part of the building left after the corner was cut out. This makes the energy available for the entrance. Is it any surprise that this location is always busy? There are of course other factors involved in the success of a business. This is just one item a Feng Shui consultant will evaluate when choosing a building for a client.

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Diane is a professional Feng Shui Consultant and SoulCollage Facilitator.
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7 Responses to Energy Helps the Coffee Flow

  1. Kimberly says:

    What a fantastic concept. What I also gathered from your post is that my chosing a niche (portrait photography) instead of focusing on all kinds of photography as I initially tried, I narrowed my path. What does portrait photography mean?

    When I actually explained that portrait photography is pet, family, senior, baby, etc – now I’ve opened myself up to clients and I’m getting more inquiries and more repeat visitors.

    Am I on the right track?

  2. I knew I loved Starbucks! Now I know why 😉 Thanks Diane – fascinating post as usual! Cheers ~Norma

  3. I really enjoyed this posting especially since I love coffee but not necessarily Starbucks.

    It did make me think about how I feel about one of my favorite haunts though. I like to go to a Paneras near me and as much as I like it I have always felt, walking in through the front door, that I am walking in through the back door. I can’t shake this feeling no matter how many times I go there. I don’t feel comfortable until I am seated in the dining room, sheltered from the entrance/exits.

    I wish I understood what the energy is in this particular store that makes me feel that way… : )

    • Hmmm… very interesting. I wonder if your Paneras has a different design from most of the others. Those I have been in are pretty similar. I will have to do a survery of local shops and see. It could be something outside in the area that contributes to that feeling as well.

      Thanks for visiting. Come back again.

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