When Design Goes Wrong-Vdara Death Ray

Vdara at CityCenter

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Las Vegas is hot, hot, hot

The new MGM hotel at Las Vegas’ City Center, the Vdara, is causing  concern for management and guests alike. This hotel boasts some unusual features. It is non-smoking, received a 5 Green Key rating, and is a gaming free environment. Imagine that in Las Vegas. But it also boasts a less than desireable feature the “death ray”. Feng Shui might have predicted this problem in advance.

Solar convergence

The solar convergence, dubbed “death ray’ by the staff is a result of the concave, crescent shape of the hotel tower, the relentless desert sun and the glass exterior. At  certain times of day the building concentrates the heat of the sun and beams it down onto the pool patio. Temperatures hot enough to melt plastic, heat up metal patio furniture and to cause guests to claim a feeling similar to a chemical burn have resulted.

Known problem

Apparently the designers of the 57 story building were aware of the problem and tried to ameliorate it by using a film on certain areas of glass. But it seems not to have eliminated the problem. The management is trying to find a solution. The sun’s rotation and seasonal shift make the placing of some type of screening difficult. And after all people like to sit around the pool and soak up some rays. Just not this many.

Fire element

The Vdara has very strong fire element energy as part of its design. This combined with the shape and direction of the building make the problem less than surprising. Avoiding problems before you build and have to deal with the consequences is an excellent reason to use Feng Shui. Think how much it is going to cost to fix this problem.

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13 Responses to When Design Goes Wrong-Vdara Death Ray

  1. Hi Diane – that is really interesting. What a great argument for designer/builders getting a Feng Shui consultation beforehand! I would be interested to learn more about how Feng Shui would have foreseen these issues in this case. Thanks for the interesting read! Cheers ~Norma

    • In this case it is several factors that join together. Most important is the shape of the building- crescent shape, the facade material-glass, location-desert and the direction-southish I believe. It is not that unusual to find buildings today designed in such a way that it causes environmental problems for the building itself or for neighbors. The Walt Disney Arts Center in Los Angeles is one and the Illinois Center in Chicago are just two that come to mind.

  2. tinygrowl says:

    I heard about this the other day. You would think the architects were smart enough to figure something like this out before the building was standing.

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  4. Warren Dent says:


    If the exact same building had been built in Fargo would Feng Shui still have predicted Vdara would be a problem – even though the concentrated warmth there may have been quite attractive sometimes. In other words is there something else inherently ‘inappropriate’ from an aesthetic sense in the building design?.

    • Warren location is quite important. You can start a fire with a mirror in just about any place. But the effect of that “fire” will be different. If you are in Fargo in the winter that”fire” would have to warm up the surroundings (air and surfaces) before becoming a menace. Although if you left combustible materials in the hot spot (if it was stationary) I imagine it would still burn.

      Aesthetically I think the hotel is rather attractive. The whole of the City Center Project is quite “creative” as my mentor would say. That is not neccesarily a compliment. When I saw it, it looked a bit like shards of broken glass. I haven’t seen it since it is finished though.

  5. Kimberly says:

    This is fantastic. The comments + the blog together were an interesting read. Now I have a new interest in the buildings surrounding me. I wonder if Feng Shui also plays a part in if people like or dislike a building.

    • Hi Kimberly

      Sometimes when you go into a building you just feel that something is not right, or maybe it makes you feel wonderful to be there. Often times this is feng shui at work. You may not know what it is, or why you feel that way, or what is causing it. You just know it is different. Or maybe you just don’t like modern buildings or it reminds you of something unpleasant in your life.

      Some people are more sensitive to their surroundings. When you get that feeling take a good look and see what you can find. Thanks for visiting. Come back again please.

  6. it goes to show that it is important to be able to think outside of the box. a building is not just an object. it is a part of the ever evolving ecosystem and landscape.

    • That is so correct. The landscape is ever evolving. Anything that is built near you, or removed for that fact, affects you. It is so important for a building owner to contact their feng shui professional when there has been a change in the surrounding landscape so we can evaluate and make corrections if necessary.

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