5 Things to Avoid

Beneficial Environment

Since feng shui is about creating environments that are beneficial there are things you should and should not do.  Here is a short check list of things to avoid.


Mirrors reflect. They reflect anything within view, be that good or bad. Make sure your mirrors always have something lovely to reflect. Too many mirrors can cause confusion and affect your mental health. The best place for a mirror is in your bathroom or dressing room. Avoid mirrors in the bedroom especially. They catch any light in the room. If you wake up in the night and see a reflection in the mirror your sleep can be ruined. No sleep = no health. Make sure your mirror is always clean. A dirty mirror reflects your cloudy vision. We all like to have a clear path in life.

Stairs Direct to the Door

Do you have a staircase that flows directly to your door? This is not a situation we like to see in feng shui as it represents your money flowing away and out of your house. Hopefully your entry is large enough to place something to block the flow such as a plant or a screen. This will slow down or redirect the energy away from the door.

Heavy Overhead Objects 

Heavy beams, open rafters or other heavy objects overhead (catwalks) cause problems. You must not place your bed, sofa or desk under a beam. This will create a feeling of pressure on your head or the part of the body it crosses. Result = illness and discomfort.

Dying Plants 

Healthy plants in moderation bring qi into your living area. Avoid putting them in your bedroom. Dead and dying plants are dead energy. If you have a green thumb you may be able to nurse them back to health but for most people a dying plant is best relegated to the compost bin. There is nothing sadder than entering a house with sick plants. You know the people who live there are sad, depressed or ill. Dried and preserved plants are also dead energy better to use silk plants if you have a brown thumb. But make sure to keep them dust free.

Improper Bed Placement 

As mentioned before, nothing heavy overhead. This also includes ceiling fans which act like knives, heavy curtain valances, and art work which could fall off the wall onto you. Under your bed should be an open area. Your energy field surrounds you on all sides. You do not want to block the natural flow of energy by blocking it with heavy objects or clutter under your bed. If you walk into your bedroom and would run directly into your bed this is a feng shui no no. The door is where qi enters the rooms. As a door is a small opening it forces the qi to enter swiftly and will disturb your sleep. Think of a hose that you put your finger over. The water comes out very hard and fast. If you can not avoid this bed placement you should keep your bedroom door closed at night.

The Results

By fixing these problems you can start to improve your Feng Shui. Better Feng Shui equals better health. Better health equals improved productivity.

© Diane Kern 2010


About fengshuisuccess

Diane is a professional Feng Shui Consultant and SoulCollage Facilitator.
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10 Responses to 5 Things to Avoid

  1. I love the idea of feng shui but have not had the chance to put it into practice yet. This blog seems to be a very good starting point. Thank you for sharing so much valuable information. Now I’m going to go home and rearrange all of the furniture.

  2. Can you say more about the stairway running straight to the door? Don’t many stairways do that? I do have a landing at which point the stairs turn, but they do run straight to the door and there’s no way to put something in the entryway. Do you have any other suggestions?

    Thank you!

  3. Hi Jermaine

    So happy you find Real Feng Shui Solutions to be a good start to your feng shui knowledge. Thanks for reading.

  4. Hi Brenda

    You are right that many buildings have the stairs leading directly to the outside. Wish it wasn’t so.

    Imagine that energy flows like water. It doesn’t like to go uphill but loves to go down hill. Even when the door is closed there is likely to be at least a small gap underneath. And when it is open there is a big gap.

    Since energy is something we want to receive we don’t want it running out the door.

  5. Thanks Diane, can you give other suggestions of how to handle this situation?

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  7. ozonshak says:

    Great tips! I know my house violates some of these guidelines 🙂 Definitely something to think about when redesigning or moving. Thanks for the advice!


    • Remember there is no such thing as a perfect Feng Shui house. There are always some things we have to live with. If you have done the best you can don’t over worry about it. But do try to fix what you can.

  8. Kimberly says:

    I have a mirror in a hallway that reflects a closed closet door. I’ll move it tonight.

    Our staircase does face the door, but we have a piece of furniture that blocks the flow. Lucky!

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