Creepy Crawly

Have you ever seen a fence or a tree that is being taken over by the creepy crawlies? No, not the buggy kind but by clinging vegetation. Have you noticed that home in your neighborhood with the ivy growing up the wall?

Have you also noticed that the fence is deteriorating and falling apart? Or that the tree is in failing health? Maybe the brick wall supporting the ivy is suffering as well.

That clinging vegetation is being supported by tree, wall or fence and benefits as a result. But its support system is gaining nothing positive from the relationship. It all may be pretty on the outside but eventually there is a price to pay.

If as I have said, what is on the outside is often reflected on the inside what does that mean to you, your business, your health and relationships? Do you have a case of the creepy crawly?

Think about it. What will you do?

©Diane Kern 2010


About fengshuisuccess

Diane is a professional Feng Shui Consultant and SoulCollage Facilitator.
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