The Essence of Feng Shui

We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us.”…Winston Churchill

When you build you are capturing the energy (qi) of the land and sky. What quality of qi do you direct towards your door? When it arrives at your door do you allow it to enter? If it can enter, where does it flow and where does it stagnate?


This is the essence of feng shui.

By careful choice of building site and appropriate landscaping you can direct the flow of good quality qi to your building. By appropriate design you can allow this qi to enter the building. By correct interior layout you allow the qi to flow throughout. By proper placement within the space people will benefit from better thinking, relationships, health and creativity. This provides opportunity for a more successful business and a more satisfying life.


Your building can improve your prospects or create challenges. Which will you experience? Why leave it to luck?

© Diane Kern 2010


About fengshuisuccess

Diane is a professional Feng Shui Consultant and SoulCollage Facilitator.
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