Is Your Business Card Feng Shui Compliant

Everyone needs a good business card. When you meet someone for the first time you offer him or her a card. When you write to someone you enclose your card. You might post them on bulletin boards or leave them at the library or shops. You can even use them in your email as a signature. Business cards are a form of introduction and they are also a reminder of who you are and what services you offer. A good looking and effective card is essential. And yes, your business card can be compliant with Feng Shui principles.

Use the ancient Chinese Feng Shui art of placement to harness the best energies for your business cards? Yes, you should consider doing so if you want an edge in business.

There are several different ways to apply Feng Shui to your business cards. You can use colors to enhance your own energy or design your card based on trigrams (the eight general sections of the compass). Or you can use a color that completes the missing elements in your Ba Zi (4 Pillars) chart. You can also use the annual flying star energy or the period energy. You might use a combination of these for the best effect

How does one choose the best colors to enhance their energy? One way is to choose colors that are best suited to the owner. These colors would either be the same as your birth element, or enhance your birth element. For example, if you are a water person, you should consider blue or silver/gold for your cards. Select variations of brightness and tones most pleasing to the eye. If you know your Ba Zi chart you will also know which elements are weak or missing. Use the appropriate colors to complete your chart.

What about the trigrams? To do this you divide a compass into eight  sections. Each section represents one of the 8 trigrams and is 45 degrees wide and is spaced equally around the compass. Place your information according to these 8 areas related to business: Management, Technical Communication, Workload, Finances, Staff, Recognition, Service, and Verbal Communication.

If you use the annual flying stars, does this mean you have to do new cards every year? Yes it does, but it keeps your card fresh. If you choose to design your business cards relating to the annual flying stars (energy) you would modify your cards yearly, changing the placement or location of your name, business, and other pertinent information to the best locations. Consider the fact that energy changes all the time, like spring into summer, and fall into winter. Of course the energy changes annually as well.

Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the choices? Changing your cards annually. Placing the right things in the correct position. Using several different colors for the right areas. This sounds like a lot of work. Isn’t there some simpler way?

Yes there is. You can simply use the period energy colors. Periods change every 20 years or so. We are in what is known as “Period 8”. This period is earth energy. To coordinate with the colors for this period you would select red and / or beige colors for your business cards.

©Diane Kern 2010


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Diane is a professional Feng Shui Consultant and SoulCollage Facilitator.
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