Feng Shui Art For Your Home and Office

The first thing I do when I move into a new home, apartment or office is to hang up my art work. It makes it feel familiar. Bare walls make a home or office feel as if you are just passing through. So to create a welcome space decorate with art.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on works by famous artists. Prints and posters will do if you are on a budget. Fabric panels or framed greeting cards also work nicely for the budget conscious. Art work does not have to hang on the wall. If you have the available space, sculpture adds interest and dimension to a room.

Invest in local artists at art fairs if you have a little extra money. Or visit the local college to purchase works by small_typoGenerator_1200710478students. This is a good way to build a collection. Perhaps you might want to try your hand at photography or painting. Take a class at a local adult education center or barter for lessons with an artist in your area. Children are naturally artistic. Give their works a place of honor and frame them nicely. You can change the works on a regular basis.

But what kind of art work should you have? Here are some guidelines for Feng Shui friendly art work.

No vicious animals. Lions and tigers and bears-oh my! Stay away from portraits of vicious animals especially if you have small children in the house. In an office they can be downright anti-social. While pictures of baby animals are cute avoid the snarling wolf or growling lion. If you must have such a picture make sure the animal is facing towards the outside and not towards the interior of your space. Baby animals portraits do not make good business art work unless your business relates to children.

acadia 023Landscapes are beautiful. Make sure they are healthy looking and portray growth. Pictures of dead trees or broken down barns do not inspire a good mental state. What we see each day affects our well being. What state of mind do you want to create for yourself?

Some people feel that spirits can inhabit portraits and dolls. If you have this feeling then you will want to avoid them. Don’t arrange your photos so that pictures of the living are next to those who have passed on. Display them in different areas. Don’t display photos of people you don’t care for. Every time you see them you will become annoyed. Body parts do not make for good Feng Shui. The whole body should be shown not just an arm or leg, or worse yet a body without a head.

Still life art work, like landscapes, should have a feeling of health about them. No rotten fruit, flowers past their prime or dead animals please. A painting of a colorful bowl of ripe fruit would enhance your kitchen or dining room for example.

Double up for romance. Couples should look happy and loving in any art work that portrays them. A pair of Chinese ducks or love birds are often used as a reminder of romance.

Shapes and colors must be pleasing to the eye. You don’t have to match your art work to the sofa but it should not clash with your surroundings. Don’t have too many portrayals of the same subject. A house filled with paintings of a raging ocean would not make you want to stay at home. They might even affect your health.

So have fun choosing art work for your space. Remember the mood and state of mind you want to create. And try your hand at creating your own art work too.

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