Five Elements and Energy-Part II

Feng shui is all about balance, harmony and energy. How do we achieve balance in feng shui? One of the ways is through the use of five element theory. In the second part of this article I offer a short description of earth, metal and water.

The elements represent the different qualities of energy present in our environment. The elements are not necessarily the actual article but a form of energy and have additional aspects to those described here.  Each element has its own characteristics and relates to the other elements in particular ways. The elements can enhance each other or they can work against each other in two different ways-controlling or reducing.

These elements are among the things used to remedy any qi imbalance that may be present in your home or business and are also used to enhance positive energy aspects. When something is missing in an environment we can add the appropriate element. When something is weak we can strengthen it. When there is too much of something we can reduce its effects.


pots0Earth is the center. It acts as the anchor and pivot for the seasons. It bridges high summer to early fall, also transforming winter to spring. Fire produces earth.


Outdoors we often use earth in the form of a brick wall, landscaping with boulders, or earth berm construction. Inside, beautiful clay pots, ceramic decorations or tile will serve as an earth remedy.

Yellow, tan, beige, brown and terra cotta are the colors of earth. Earth residing in the Center (5) and Southwest (Kun trigram 2) can have negative influences. While earth residing in the Northeast (Gen trigram 8 ) can have a very positive effect.

Metal is derived from earth and follows next in line of the productive series. It is the most used copper01remedy in five element theory. Late fall and early winter are represented by metal. Gold, silver, bronze and copper are some of the metals used in remedies. You can be very creative in your use of metal, from beautiful statues, wall sculptures, bed frames, to key wound clocks and weights.

Use the colors white and gold to represent metal. Soft metal resides in the West (Dui trigram 7) and hard metal in the Northwest (Qian trigram 6).

Water is the most yin or inactive element. It is the deep of winter when all things rest and wait for fntn01the return of spring.


Water remedies are sometimes used outside in the big environment and sometimes indoors. An aquarium, with or without fish, a table top fountain or even a swimming pool can serve as a water remedy. Caution should be used when using water remedies.

Blue and black are the colors of water. Water resides in the North (Kan trigram 1)

This is a basic introduction to the 5 elements you will often hear about in feng shui. There are many other aspects to the elements and their use including but not limited to their shape.


In the northern hemisphere we are coming closer to spring. And for this editor it will not be soon enough. We have had months of snow and ice and rain, followed by more snow and ice and rain. The bleak winter is bound to end sooner or later and we will welcome the new sprouts and colors of spring. Green of various shades represent the growing season. First the pale greens or chartreuse greens of budding leaves, early spring flowers and the slim blades of new grass. These are followed by the darker robust greens of late spring and summer.

In the bagua look for the color green represented by the Zhen trigram in the East and the Xun trigram in the Southeast.

These are areas of your home or office where the color green is at home. Zhen represents early spring so use the lighter shades of green here and save the darker shade for Xun sections of your home.

Green calls to mind growing things and good health. It can be a cheery color that brightens our mood. It lifts us up just as a growing plants rises towards the sun. So if you have been feeling down and are prone to SAD (seasonal affective disorder) why not add a new plant to your windowsill. You might choose a flowering plant such as a daffodil which is always associated with spring. Or try a hyacinth with a lovely scent. Or perhaps a leafy green plant such as a pothos more suits your style. They have the added benefit of cleaning the air in addition to looking great. 

greenappleStart thinking about changing your decor to bring on the spring. I am not talking about major changes, as in feng shui neutral backdrops are most appropriate. Think accents. Pillows, throws, favorite photos of spring flowers or scenes, a change of art work can all change your mood. How about a nice big bowl of Granny Smith apples on the dining room table? The perfect color for early spring.

Get active. Spring is a growing and moving time. Get out more into the increasing sunshine and build up your stores of vitamin D. Start your spring cleaning early and if you have a reasonably warm day throw open the windows and let in some fresh air. Start an exercise program or get back on the one you resolved to start at the new year. Get together with friends you haven’t seen all winter. But I digress.

Add some green to other sections of your home. If you need more fire element someplace then add some green to feed the fire. If you have too much water energy in another area add some green to soak up the water energy. Green, Zhen and Xun are related to wood energy. Keep this in mind when using green in your home and business. 




 Diane Kern has been trained in the ancient art of Feng Shui in the traditional method. The knowledge has been transmitted through 13 generations from Masters to student via an apprenticeship of extensive study and practical field experience. Ms. Kern was included in a small group of students selected by her Master for advanced training. She is a member of an international team of experts whose resources can be called upon to accomplish your goals.



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