Is That Traditional Feng Shui?

Are crystals, flutes, toads and other objects a part of feng shui? Is Feng Shui a religion? What do you think of space clearing? These are some of the questions most often asked by interested people. There are many objects and practices that have become associated with feng shui that have little to do with the traditional teachings. Some may have roots in Chinese culture.  Some have been adopted by westernized feng shui practices. Some are misconceptions. And others are just good sense habits.


The most troublesome question has to do with a perceived conflict between feng shui and religion. Feng Shui is not a religion and therefore does not conflict with your religious beliefs. It is a science and philosophy based on repeatable mathematical formulas, observations of natural and man made land forms and analysis and interpretation of the same.

Feng Shui, developed by the Chinese, is based on thousands of years of collected wisdom and experience.


While having a neat, clean and ordered space is always good, space clearing is not a part of feng shui. When you are surrounded by clutter, unwholesome situations arise. The flow of air and light is restricted and this can lead to allergies, development of mold and odors, mental confusion and an inability to move forward. If you are living or working in such conditions you should take steps to correct the situation immediately. If you have arranged for a feng shui consultation your practitioner will request you clean up your act before beginning the consultation.


Crystals, chanting, incense, lucky toads, hanging flutes and the like are also not a part of traditional feng shui. They are sometimes used by other schools of feng shui. If you like the idea of such objects, go ahead and include them in your décor. They can serve as reminders of goals and reinforce positive aspirations.


Many have had the experience of entering a building or even standing outside and thinking I don’t like this. Something is not quite right. You are most likely sensing a problem with the feng shui. You may not recognize the problem but you are feeling its effect. A home or business that has been “feng shui-ed” will appear natural and comfortable to the occupants and visitors. The landscaping will be healthy and harmonious, the interior traffic flow will be smooth.  Colors and fabrics will be neutral and appropriate, furniture placement balanced, the surroundings beneficial. You may not know why, but you will feel more comfortable, healthier and rested, more productive, and more joyful.






About fengshuisuccess

Diane is a professional Feng Shui Consultant and SoulCollage Facilitator.
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