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Wind and Water


Feng Shui provides you with the opportunity to transform your environment and shape a better life and business. Like wind and water, the elemental forces for which it is named, Feng Shui can shape our existence. Traditional Feng Shui observes the relationship between people, their surroundings-both natural and built, and the aspect of time. An analysis includes attention to the effects of roadways, waterways, land forms and nearby structures on and around your property, be that a business, residence or development. Building orientation and layout, interior design, placement of departments, goods and people are important considerations. The manner in which these elements relate to each other express whether they team up to work for you or against you.


Open Sesame


Drive through your town and take a look at all the buildings, homes, offices, factories, retail establishments. Take note of the main entrance. Observe the decor, colors, direction, and condition of the area.the correct door color is important.


Your door is what we call the mouth of qi. This is where the energy enters your building. Qi is like food for your building. We all need food to survive. The quality of food is important, the higher the quality of the food the better our life can be. Your home and business need food too. Without high quality energy buildings can deteriorate, develop maintenance problems, mold and eventually become derelict.

The color of your door is something to consider when thinking of the energy flow. Colors have their own energy. They interact with the energy that comes to your door. This is why choosing

Each direction of the compass is associated with a color. But it is not enough to just to use that color. You must also consider the material of which the door is made. Then you also want to remember that the energies are always changing. They change day to day, month to month, yearly and in 20 year cycles. So you must choose carefully.

Doors are usually made from metal, wood or now a days fiberglass. While wood is the preferred material, in some climates it is not always the most practical choice. In damp or rainy climates they can warp and stick. A door that doesn’t function properly indicates difficulties in life.

So let’s take a look at the compass directions and relate them to color and material. Starting in the East we have the Zhen trigram. This is the spring direction and in the spring we have the lovely bright green color of new foliage. The material of the East is wood.

In the Southeast, the Xun trigram, early spring has moved on to late spring and early summer. The color is still green but a mature green. Wood is still the material.

In the South, the Li trigram, we have moved on to high summer. This is the hottest season and the material is fire. The color associated with the South is red.

A word of caution-red must be used very carefully.

In the Southwest, the Kun trigram, the material is earth. This is the dry, late summer season. Yellow as in the color of dried grasses, tan, beige is appropriate here.

In the West or Dui trigram, metallic colors are suitable. This is the area of metal and the early fall season.

Northwest is the Qian trigram. Late fall early winter. Metal also rules this area.

North is the deepest part of winter and the Kan trigram. Dark blue and black suit the water element in this direction.

Finally in the Northeast we find the Gen trigram. This is another earth direction. Whereas the Southwest is late summer and dry, this area is late winter and more damp. So a brighter, cleaner earth color works here.

Although you are using the color of the direction of your door please do not use bright colors. Use paler shades or whites that include a hint of the direction color. A more neutral tone will cause you fewer problems than the deep shades. A white can have shades of blue, green, yellow, black and red as an undertone.



Diane Kern has been trained in the ancient art of Feng Shui in the traditional method. The knowledge has been transmitted through 13 generations from Masters to student via an apprenticeship of extensive study and practical field experience. Ms. Kern was included in a small group of students selected by her Master for advanced training. She is a member of an international team of experts whose resources can be called upon to accomplish your goals.



Ms. Kern assures the privacy and confidentiality of clients. Your name will not be used for advertising or referrals. The culture of integrity, respect and discipline instilled by her Master ensures you a productive working relationship and attention towards successful completion of your goals.



About fengshuisuccess

Diane is a professional Feng Shui Consultant and SoulCollage Facilitator.
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